Friday, 20 July 2007

Buzzer Boy

George Lockwood, 14, was the talk of the town at Exe Valley Lake today. In just 2 short hours he managed this fine bag of fish during his 2 Day Course with Nick Hart. Meanwhile all around the lake anglers struggled to get a take after a week of changeable weather. Proud father Tony had to play second fiddle to his son with one fish, hopefully a bigger one will come along next time Tony! George was using a 9’ 6’’ rod with a small Buzzer and an Indicator.

Son - 2 Dad - 0 !!!

This has been a great week, 2 teenagers out fishing! Teaching young people is a joy and they often learn very fast. George turned out to be a very accomplished fly angler and was casting as far as many adults in no time. During the day we covered a range of tactics and techniques resulting in this fine fish. This however was not Georges first by any means; he has also caught plenty of large Carp and has high hopes of working in fishing after he has finished school. He also lost a few and managed a Wild Brown Trout, beating Dad 2 – 0! Watch the blog tomorrow to see if Dad catches!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sea Anglers turned Fly Fishers

Jim & Phil turned up on a beautiful July morning revved up for some Trout fishing. Both soon took to the casting and by lunch time were able to throw a good line. Heading down to Woods, our fine local restaurant, they returned refreshed and ready to tangle with one of our hard fighting Rainbow Trout! Dries and Buzzers under an indicator did the trick and Phil was really chuffed with a stonking 4lb fish.

Not bad on your first day Phil!

Charlies first Fish!

Charlie Cowley is just 13 years old and had never held a fly rod before. However being a drummer with an orchestra and an accomplished sportsman certainly helped him when it came to casting a fly.

Attending on a father and son course Charlie can be seen here with his Dad Simon and his first ever Rainbow Trout which he cast to and hooked himself! For more info on courses check out

Kids under 14 go free with all full paying adults!!!

Jon Hettle - Boat Fishing Clatworthy

Jon Hettle is a regular visitor to our shores and when he leaves behind his successful insurance business he loves to fish!

Here he is more than chuffed with a 3lb+ Rainbow in stunning silver livery, taken on the top using a dry fly. He managed several more fish during the day on dries all caught from a boat.

I would act as a look out, scanning carefully for the merest sign of a fish. As soon as an unknowing Trout was spotted the oars were fired up to take us into position. Jon then cast to these fish and watched for the take. This is perfect visual fishing!

The fish had been feeding hard on beetles through the day and if the presentation was right, they would take.

During Jon's trip we also packed in fly fishing on rivers for Wild Brown Trout and continued working on his casting.

Another succesful guided session and we look forward to welcoming Jon back in September.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Gallery commences with a Salmon!!!

So finally, I have managed to get sat down in front of the computer and put together our gallery of angling stars! You will find a whole variety of people, from all walks of life. Many had never touched a fly rod until the day there photo was taken, others are seasoned pros who charge all over the world seeking piscatorial bliss!

The one common interest that these people share is that they all love to fish!
Kicking off with proceedings is a regular guest of Nick Hart Fly Fishing, Tim Watson. Tim is a Doctor from South Devon and is one of the most fanatical anglers you could wish to meet.

Turning up on a wet and miserable Monday morning this week (02/07/07) Tim had booked himself in for a day out on
Wimbleball reservoir in Somerset. Owing to the rivers being flooded, chocolate brown and unfishable we felt it better to go after some stocked Rainbow Trout rather than fishing in hopeless river condtions for Salmon. However during the short drive over he had a change of heart and opted to spend the day learning how to "Spey Cast" I explained there would be little hope of putting his new found casts into practice in search of that king of fish, the Salmon, but that we could certainly get to grips with the tactics, flies and methods required.
A long day of rain and wind lay
before us but Tim worked hard on his casting and by lunchtime was chucking some very nice loops indeed. Fed and watered I suggested that we head to the river and see if our luck was in. The single handed rod was no match for the high water conditions and deep wading required and after just an hour it was obvious that something a little more substantial was required. Heading back up to our practice area o Exe Valley fishery I left Tim to continue working on his Spey casts and ran back to my tackle shop for a double hander.

Another 1 1/2hours of practice with the new rod and it was back to the river once more.
An hour on Bend pool (River Exe) proved fruitless, even with a heavy sink tip and huge tube fly. Then it happened, a fish jumped just behind us on a pool I have taken several Salmon from.

Dropping into the DEEP water it was all we could do to stand up and with
visibility at just inches it really was looking like the pub was a better option! But Tim was undeterred and whacked out a perfect cast allowing it to swing nicely across Bend Pool. I was impressed and mentioned that the swing was just right and what a shame it was that the water was coloured. In better conditions he would surely have caught a fish. Next cast and I had hardly finished this statement when Tim's line came to a halt. "Somethings going on here Nick", he said and with that the rod tip nodded! We were hooked up!!!

A tense battle followed with an anxious looking Tim winding and allowing to the fish to take line based upon my excited commands! Several minutes later I was relieved to net
Tim's first ever Salmon on his first ever day fishing for this holy grail of species!

At 8 - 9lb this was Tim's biggest ever fish on fly tackle and a huge leap up from the moorland Brownies of just a few ounces that he is used to! It just goes to show that perseverance can pay off and that "if your flies not in the water!"

Tim is one of the new breed of conservation minded who fish for sport rather than food, so after a quick photo the fish was gently released.

Look out for more tales from the river bank soon and if you would like to find out about our guided fly fishing trips see