Tuesday, 21 August 2007

First Fish, BIG Fish!

During a talk I presented earlier this year Mike Sherwin was inspired to try fly fishing for the first time. So after going though the diary we finally found him a date in August.

The day unfolded nicely as Mike got to grips with tackle, casting and general fly fishing technique. By lunchtime he was flying, quite literally, with a nice section of running line heading for the horizon! Fortunately this period of good casting continued after a quick pub lunch and so before long a fly was tied to the leader and sent out over the water in anticipation.

A few casts later and Mike was startled when his fly disappeared, the line snapped tight and his reel began whirring at an alarming rate. But he kept his cool and played his first ever fish on fly like a pro. At 6lbs 1oz this fine fish is a classic Exe Valley Rainbow and left Mike speechless.

Happily the rains have ceased once again and the Salmon are appearing on the Exe. If only I could find the time between teaching, guiding and writing to go and catch one! Yes, yes, I know it's a hard job but someone has to do it !!! Look out for more Norway stuff soon and I will also be adding some useful fishy links ... guiding on the river tomorrow for the first time in a long time as it has been so high. Then of course be home in time for England/Germany and probably a few Beers. No Rooney or Gerard and a less than fit Beckham ... ummmm!

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