Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hot Day, Hot Fish!

It is always great to see youngsters taking to the sport. Alex Bush is a bit of a computer whiz at the age of 13, creating websites from his home studio. Dad, Ivan, organised a trip for Alex to try Fly Fishing for the first time and get him away from the mouse mat! Ivan is already an experienced angler and in fact we have taught him before (click here) Alex took to the water with the promise of £50.00 if he caught a fish! Not a bad incentive so Alex concentrated carefully, piecing together his cast until soon he was in a position to tie on a fly. Several missed takes later suddenly everything clicked and Alex was into a hard fighting Exe Valley Trout. Caught on a small Buzzer hung under an indicator this 2lb specimen may have earned Alex £50.00 but most importantly fired his enthusiasm to the point that he is already asking his Dad if they can head to Clatworthy for a session!

Sat sweating quietly here in my office with the blazing sun outside it appears that we maybe about to witness an Indian Summer. There are still Sea Trout about and a few Salmon, plus the lakes are full and well oxygenated. While the conditions over the past few months have been far from ideal it could just be that we are about to experience a bumper autumn season.

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