Thursday, 23 August 2007

River Exe Report & Thoughts

We are just about to enter the last month of the season and at present the Exe seems to be holding a good stock of Salmon. A friend spent yesterday morning and evening pulling his hair out in vain as Salmon after Salmon jumped over his line but refused every fly line or pattern slung at them! For great up to date information on the Exe see the Fish the Exe link. Many people feel that fly fishing on rivers is a closed shop to the masses, a sport dedicated only to the rich with many clubs offering dead man shoes placements. NOT SO! There are a number of brilliant schemes available nationwide. Locally we have the Angling 2000 scheme, but look out also for the Wye and Usk Foundation.

Many of these beats are inhabited by good stocks of Wild Brown Trout and Grayling plus some even boast Salmon and Sea Trout. I am not guiding until Saturday now but look out on my main fly fishing school site for a few changes plus finally we are ready to unveil a brand new look to ........

Er .. notice I have said little about the football. Same old England, but the steak was good!!!

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