Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Busy on the Bank!

Crikey what a season it has been. I love the diversity of my job and the last 10 days have been no exception. New faces, old faces. Beginners, experienced. River and Lake. Here are a few of the people I have taken fishing recently, their catches and stories. Autumn maybe here but there is still plenty of fishing to be done. Look out for some ideas coming soon.

Sunday 9th September
- John & Sue Riley. This lovely couple live just around the corner from Henry Gilbey in Plymouth and were trying fly fishing for the first time. The autumnal weather did not get the better of them and 3 fine Trout for supper was their reward.

Monday 10th September - Corporate Day on behalf of Lloyds TSB. Many say that fly fishing is the new Golf. I agree! Here is Peter Anderson with colleagues and clients from the world of finance all enjoying a day away from the office taking in the fresh air. Peters guests had never cast a fly before but enjoyed success and may well be back for more. Would your company benefit from a day out fly fishing? It makes a change to Golf, Rugby and other more usual corporate activities. " Great day yesterday, thanks, enjoyed by all." Peter Anderson, Lloyds TSB Mark Bailey who works for me was also looking after a corporate day simultaneously for regular client Jim Pool who said .... "One of my clients emailed me yesterday and called Monday “one of his most rewarding day’s trout fishing ever” Basically we all had a great time and yesterday was truly awesome."

Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th September - I always like to catch up with old friends and Hugh Caslake is just that. He has been enjoying guided sessions on rivers up and down the West Country in my company for many years. We did a lot of Trout fishing, the Exe never ceasing to amaze as usual. Of course the Grayling put in an appearance including this beautiful fish photographed just before it headed off back to its home a little wiser! Hugh also tried out a little Sea Trout fishing but the autumnal cold snap had taken its toll resulting in a blank night and so he will return in 2008 to commence battle!

"Lovely trip. Jim always refers to his visit last year as fly fishing nirvana, which is spot on." Hugh Caslake, Setember 2007

Sat 15th to Mon 17th September - Time to catch up with the office work and a bit of fly tying. I am going through Klinkhammers like they are going out of fashion right now. The fish love them! Plus I have been busy writing Trout Fisherman artciles including one about Rost in Norway. See some freaky images from this trip on Henrys website.

Tuesday 18th September - More old acquaintances. I really look forward to taking Tim Watson and Tony Kaye fishing. These guys are improving all the time and now have the fish running very scared. Tony was 45 on Sunday and so treated himself to a session of retail therapy in our tackleshop. He is now the proud owner of a Greys Streamflex 10ft for a #5 line, matching it to a Greys Streamlite Reel and a Scientific Angler Ultra 4 fly line. This is a perfect set up for short line fishing patterns such as Klinks and small bugs in fast water with many currents. The length of rod makes controlling the patterns easy resulting in perfect drag free presentations. Fish take right under the rod tip and all that's needed is a flick of the wrist to set the hook. We fished a couple of beats including DAA water but once again it was the Exe Valley stretch that reigned supreme. Tony tipped his fine Grayling back before we could photograph it but was pleased to well and truly christen his rod during the course of the day. Tim who is no stranger to this blog (see his Salmon here!) managed to hold on to this cool Brown of around 11 inches. All told I reckon we took at least 2 dozen Trout & Grayling despite a cold North wind and very little in the way of rising fish.

Wednesday 19th September - Back in the office, but not for long. Tony Woods is an improving angler who I will be tuning up tomorrow. These sessions are great fun and can cover a great deal of topics including casting, tactics and techniques to mention just a few. See more details about these courses here. Then on Friday it is time to convert 3 Coarse/Sea anglers to the joys of Fly Fishing! Look out for their story here ...

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