Saturday, 1 September 2007

Go Natural!

Fly Fishing, the name says it all really! However many anglers are not happy unless hurling some fluorescent monstrosity at the local Trout. Take a look at this picture, the contents of a Trout that Kate Prout caught during her grand slam session on Thursday. As you can see it was stuffed full of natural food and therefore we had to copy the chosen diet in order to catch it. Take an even closer look and you may see the artificial's we used hiding away in there somewhere!

While there are many ways to catch fish, certainly those who adopt an imitative approach tend to be more successful. Fishing Fernworthy reservoir high up on the Dartmoor hills yesterday this theory certainly rang true. A dry fly fished static to rising fish caught 3 to 1 against traditional pulled wets. More about that trip soon.

So stuff that box with buzzers, crunchers, damsels, hoppers and hares ears. Then study the Trouts diet by spooning each fish caught and before long I assure you your catch rate will improve!

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