Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Grayling - I can't get enough!

Just a short blog today as meeting up with Henry Gilbey for an off the cuff Grayling feature in a little over an hour. Well the weather is awesome and the fish have been rising; many are Grayling like this terrific specimen taken by one of my guests Matt Daly during a guided session. The call of the river exceeds the mass of office work I have to do!

If you are into your films be sure to check out Henrys BAFTA nominated brothers (Julian & William Gilbey) new production, Rise of the Foot Soldier, premiering in Leicester Square tomorrow night.

Check out my website www.hartflyfishing.demon.co.uk as a number of changes have been made to update the content. I must go, there are Klinkhammers to tie!

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