Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Afternoon Brown Trout

If you read my post yesterday you will know that I took off for the river at around 3pm with Henry, sod the office work! We were after Grayling but a cool wind had sprung up and the sun was high. This meant that shadows were easily cast and the fish were on the look out for anything unusual. I reckon I must have made 30 fly changes trying to figure out what the few sporadic rises were in aid of. There were some good hatches of large Sedge, but the fish were uninterested. Observing carefully I soon realised that in fact they were feeding on a far smaller sedge, sipping it from the surface.

After bumping the odd fish and bringing a 4 incher to hand I finally found a decent 12" fish feeding right in under an overhanging branch. Many casts ensued as I tried to place the fly precisely above the fish, to give it time to check the fly and make a decision. Several times I watched tense and excited as the fish nosed my various emerging sedge patterns only to flick its tail at me in disgust! Finally 10 minutes of casting and changing paid off when the fish gulped back a size 22 Sedge, leaping in even more disgust at its mistake! As the evening arrived the fishing became brilliant with Trout gulping down Klinkhammers like they were going out of fashion!

Here is a decent little Brown taken by Matt Daly during a recent guided trip, I will add a picture of my fish when Henry has processed the images. Right now he is in London brushing shoulders with the stars at the premier of his brother movie, Rise of the Foot Soldier!

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