Thursday, 6 September 2007

Top Level Trouting

Just back from a great day out with John Porter. We started the day on Exe Valley Fishery with some casting and I introduced John to the world of Buzzer fishing. Then it was on with the flies and out with the first casts of the day. Fish after fish came to a #12 Big Black and although I serenaded each take with my best "STRIKE!", John missed the first few offers. However after the first fish was hooked there was no stopping him as we nailed fish quickly using subtle imitative tactics.

Such was Johns success that we took off to Wimbleball for the afternoon and a session on the biggest venue he has fished to date. I have left him there fishing the beautiful Ruggs bay bank to enjoy the evening and hopefully a few fish as the sun begins to set. On my way back I stopped to look over this wonderful venue, the scenery is outstanding. The water is also at top level as can be seen from this photograph, cold and therefore full of oxygen. I reckon we could see bumper end to the season on this reservoir. Back on the river tomorrow, once again with John who has never fished running water before. Check the navigation links to the right for the latest fishery reports.

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