Sunday, 7 October 2007

Cook your Catch!

So can you believe it, October and the sun is out! We have had some top weather this last week; in fact it has been better than July. I have just spent the weekend in the company of two great guys, Alasdare Lambert who I have been guiding for several years now and his good mate James, a sea fisherman who wanted to find out why Alasdare has got the fly fishing bug so bad! Both Alasdare and James work in a company called Shirlaws, if you are in business you should check them out!

Anyway we got stuck into a Saturday morning session of casting with James while Alasdare kicked off with some dry fly fishing on our Island Lake here at Exe Valley. It was tough going with a very bright sun, cloudless sky and a stiff breeze. Even so a few casts in and Alasdare was stuck into a Trout that promptly threw the hook. Two hours whizzed by as James got to grips with the casting and then it was time to pack up, England v Australia Rugby called! Of course we all know the outcome which was not so good for James being an Ozzy! The next day he was feeling a little off colour; was it the rugby or too much Exmoor Gold ?!

Al and James got some rest at the fantastic Three Acres Country House and then it was time to shake off James rugby blues and get him his first Trout . The island lake Trout began feeding on hatching buzzers with gusto and pretty quickly James had latched into a fish caught off the surface. Photos, more fish and most of all just another lovely Sunday kicking back, enjoying the amazing Exmoor countryside and relaxing. Its hungry work though and so at lunch time we got a Barbecue going. I know, in October, cool or what! I for one hope the great Indian summer continues.

The Trout was gutted and prepared using a stuffing of thyme and a couple of Garlic cloves. Bang it on the BBQ for a few minutes each side and hey presto, a seriously healthy lunch that had been swimming just minutes before! Fish doesn't come much fresher! We got back to more fishing and then sadly the time was up and the guys are now heading back to London as I type. I look forward to seeing them again next year and it sounds like James maybe trying a day out on Syon Park a Trout venue in London! Yep, you can even reach it on the tube!

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