Monday, 1 October 2007

End of Season Fishathon!

I don't know how I managed it but for the first time in years I ended up with the last day of the season off! Making the most of it I got together with great mates Alex Bobba and Mike Boniface to spend the day chasing down any Grayling or Trout happy to snaffle our flies.

This is what fishing is all about, a day out with your mates in the fresh air. Mike certainly proved to be the top rod knocking out fish after fish on a great Big TG Emerger including this spanking little Brown Trout. Fishing also brings out the little boy in you and we just couldn't resist a slide or two down Bolham Weir! After a long wet summer it was amazing to see an excellent hatch of Olives and fish very keen to take from the top. If you are out after the winter Grayling though be sure to have some big bugs ... tungsten bead heads with lead. In the late afternoon I scored well with these in the deep water when the dry fly sport dried up. Black and Olive are highly recommended but the Grayling also love Pink, so try some shrimp style flies tied on heavy wire curved hooks.

Sadly the Trout season is at an end but there are still many opportunities to be had with Grayling plus I will shortly go into Pike overdrive! Fly Fishing for Pike is about as cool as it gets, BIG fish on BIG flies and be careful ... they bite! If you fancy trying this for the first time drop me a line to organise a guided session. We have all the kit, the right flies and some cracking venues on offer. The new Trout season commences on 15th March 2008 and my diary is already filling so check out here for more information.

Right now it is back to the keyboard and web work but I am planning my next session out as yesterday was such a blast. Trying hard not to look at Henry Gilbeys blog who right now is in Canada with Aardvark Mc Leod.

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  1. Thanks for an awesome day mate!
    Next time I will try and smile when I get my photo taken!