Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 Season Review

So this is my last post of 2007, another year gone in a fish filled flash! It has been fun and we could not believe it when in April we were suddenly blessed with unbelievable temperatures and clear blue skies. Sam Langer is dressed for summer on 5th April 2007 looking very pleased with this Rainbow taken on a Buzzer in a flat calm. Check out the bare trees in the background! Little did we know what the summer had in store ....

Sam visited along with her husband Ian. Both have attended a number of my courses and first fell in love with fly fishing during a large group event to celebrate a 60th birthday. Ian came along as a guest and seemed quite relaxed listening to his Ipod while practicing casting. After lunch the headphones came out and it was down to business, he could not go wrong catching fish after fish! This baptism of fire spelled the start of a passion that only anglers can describe. In fact I guess you could call it an obsession! Ian now has plenty of tackle topped off this year by the purchase of one of my all time favourite rods ... The Greys GTec. The 9' 6" #7 is truly awesome and I am pleased to report that there is whole new range coming through in 2008. I cast the 10' 0" #7 at a show earlier in the year and have to say it ranks in my top 3 blanks of all time! I look forward to seeing Ian and Sam again in 2008 who have a gift voucher to cash in.

A couple of days later the big Brown that Freddy had stocked in early March ran out of luck and became the fishery record Brown and subsequently a Troutmasters badge winner. This was an old brood fish but fought very well and made its captor a very happy man indeed!

Have a fantastic new years eve and ensure you drink plenty! I have a good stock of cheese and will grab myself a decent bottle of red on the way home. I may even treat myself to some smoked salmon! No partying for me with a young family, but who cares, a bit of Jools Holland and a glass or two of red will see me right. A break from the review tomorrow to bring you a very special product!

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