Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Fishing!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Boxing Day and I am here at the office .... what a fantastic office it is ... just look at this scene! I reckon it could make it on the front of a Christmas card!

What are you up to? Trying to fix the Christmas lights, staring at the washing up in disbelief or perhaps you have hit the sales?

Did you make it out the door rod in hand I wonder? If you did then well done, this is a top time of year to go fishing. Tons of oxygen in the water but not so much food, small water Rainbows are therefore suckers for a lure such as the Humungus or Cats Whisker. Don't always pull them though, try a steady figure of eight and you may have another Christmas surprise!

If Rainbows are not your thing then of course Fly Fishing for Pike has become hugely popular and you can bet that close by you have a canal or lake supporting these cool fish. Crikey ... writing this I wish I were there right now!

But I'm not, there is work to be done as 2008 is going to be a very busy year. The doors to the fishery are open all through the Christmas break, so if you fancy a festive fishing session pack that tackle and get on the road.

As you will see, this is my first post in a long while! Life has been hectic to say the least with the shop, guiding and smoked fish operations to contend with but best of all we are grabbing a few hours sleep here and there now that Scarlett is home from hospital. Thank you to all of you who kindly sent us cards and messages, your support was fantastic and helped us keep our chins up during a difficult time. Scarlett is doing well now and we have just had the best family Christmas ever. Now if I could just sneak a few hours fishing ... it would be perfect!

I am back to posting now so see my review of the 2007 season in words and pictures over the coming days, plus a look at how Exe Valley Fishery looks when the UK weather throws its toys out of the pram in a very big way! Hope you are having a great time!!!

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