Thursday, 27 December 2007

Force of Nature

Following on from yesterdays scene, take a look at this. The first image was taken during early afternoon on the 1st December 2007. As you can see it was a bit murky, but all in all not a bad fishing day. It was hellish cold of course! Look very closely by the bridge and you can just about make out the figure of a solitary angler who had decided to brave the elements.

Just one minute after taking this photo I heard a huge rush of wind at the door of the tackle shop and turned to find the fishery shrouded in a squall of fog, rain and wind. The angler has all but disappeared and not surprisingly weighed in shortly afterwards taking on the appearance of a drowned rat! Full credit though, the guy had caught fish!

10 days later and while Henry G was still sunning himself in the Seychelles photographing monster GTs and Milkfish the UK had been subject to low temperatures, high winds and RAIN! Just look at the results. This is the River Exe flowing past the lake and almost level with it! Taken from the bridge looking back over the lake towards the shop the level was astonishing, in fact the day before it had actually started to enter the lake! I find it incredible that the fish survive in such circumstances, but they do, huddled into the edges out of the main current. Remember this fact when fishing high water conditions in season as it is possible to catch in what may seem like impossible circumstances. Granted you will need a 10ft rod such as the Streamflex by Greys and some serious iron mongery in the form of Czech Nymphs, but sometimes these hard to catch fish taken in tough circumstances are far more enjoyable than the easy days.

Tomorrow I will begin my 2007 season in review and check the blog regularly because we have a very special limited addition product available that is sure to become a collectors item. Hopefully you are fishing and not at the sales. I was disgusted by the scenes on the news this morning of people behaving more like animals than human beings all in the name of saving a few quid!!! Let us hope they find the joy of fly fishing!

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