Sunday, 30 December 2007

March Fishing Party

It is a great privilege to spend my days introducing people from all walks of life to the world of fly fishing ... and get paid! However showing young anglers the ropes is best of all. These young lads were celebrating a March birthday and look very pleased with themselves having each caught a fish for supper! You will notice that some are armed with spinning rods. The weather was cold and I have found that this quickly saps concentration. Young anglers need to catch a fish and can take a while to learn how to fly fish, so if you can find a venue that will allow spinning or similar, so much the better. We have just such a venue here at Exe Valley and I will also be adding some junior kits to our online store shortly.

During the previous year (2006) anglers had been battling it out at the fishery to try and catch the largest fish of the month. This was then entered into a competition run by Trout Fisherman magazine known as Troutmasters. Each individual winning the monthly title is then invited to attend a fish off. Here head fish farmer Freddie stocks 2 superb Exe Valley specimens in readiness for the big day. Alas during the match only the Rainbow made its mistake and weighed in at a shade under 10lbs. The Brown will appear later in my 2007 review!

Little did we know what was around the corner in April! More tomorrow!

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