Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 Hardy Limited Edition Watch by Nite

Happy New Year! To celebrate the start of 2008 check out this awesome limited edition watch produced for Hardy by Nite International based on the classic Hardy Marquis Reel. The specification and purchase details appear below. Needless to say there is a limited run of 500 watches and they are selling fast!

Hart Flyshop have serial numbers 493, 494, 495, 496, 497 and 498. 498 has sold but if you would like one of the others be sure to email me via the shop web site or give me a call on 01398 323 008. Each watch retails at £200.00 and will be available to wear (or lock up safely!) in March 2008.

Additionally I will make the watches available for sale on the website in a few days time. I have not had time today as it has been busy in the shop. Great to see plenty of new years day anglers (some nursing hangovers!) out on the lake and catching well. Tomorrow I will meet up with Henry Gilbey to put together a small still water feature for Troutfisherman magazine, we are fishing none other than Exe Valley Fishery! Have a great day and read more about this very special limited edition watch below. Once again ... HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this season be the best ever!!!

The image above shows the watches illumination during darkness.

Product specifications.

Hardy Marquis Limited Edition Nite SX10.

A limited production of 500 timepieces celebrating the Hardy Marquis brand.






56 grams


Black (Marquis Reel)


K1 hardened mineral


Swiss-made, Swiss-parts Ronda 715.6


395 (48 months)


Waterproof black leather with brushed stainless steel buckle

Water resistance




On Sale date

March 2008

Nite watches – GTLS dial illumination system.

The Hardy Marquis Limited Edition features a rare dial illumination system known as GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source). These minute glass vials are filled with the gas tritium and internally coated with phosphor. As the gas decays the electrons emitted excite the phosphor to create a continuous light that is entirely self-powered and up to 100 times brighter than the luminous paint traditionally used on watch hands.

By positioning a GTLS on each watch hand and at every hour marking the result is a watch that can be read in low and zero light conditions without pressing buttons or draining the watch battery. This system enables precision time reading under any condition, in low or zero light. Under normal circumstances the illumination will last for a minimum of 10 years and usually for as long as 20 years, never needing to be charged by daylight or other external energy sources.

What are the benefits of GTLS illumination?

The Nite dial illumination system offers many benefits

  • Clear watch visibility in any light condition, including complete darkness.
  • Hands-free dial illumination – ideal whilst fishing, etc.
  • Does not require the watch battery to work – eliminating battery drain.
  • Does not require charging by sunlight meaning the level of glow is completely unaffected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Entirely self powered resulting in maximum reliability.
  • The enjoyment of owning a watch with technically innovative features.

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