Sunday, 13 January 2008

Roll Casting Video

I thought I would add a video today of a guest performing a roll cast. We were out practicing this during March 2007, not the most pleasant weather conditions but certainly the best time to be practicing casting in readiness for the new season. Check out my half price winter deal options here, the perfect excuse to enjoy a pre-season casting tune up!

There are a few basic elements to the Roll Cast but essentially ensure that a D loop forms behind the rod prior to the forward stroke. This is not the best quality video you will ever see but it certainly demonstrates a well executed Roll Cast. I will aim to add several videos throughout the coming year but for now you can find a lot of casting and fishing information in my book, The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing. I put this 64 page publication together in 2006 and it is illustrated throughout with Henry Gilbeys colour photographs.

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