Saturday, 12 January 2008

Special Fish ...

Good to see the rain has stopped ... for a while anyway! We have good weather here and very little wind, top fishing conditions for Trout at this time of year. Check out the fishery pages and come and have a day with us at Exe Valley Fishery This is Exe Valley at 12.16pm today.

Anyway, moving on to one of my fish of 2007, an elusive Sea Trout. This species is without doubt one of my favourites and in fact I spent several months of my life guiding for them in Argentina at Bella Vista Lodge in Rio Gallegos. What an unbelievable setting and for fish that often average double figures. In fact during my time there we guided fish to well over 20lbs. Interestingly the Argentinian fish are pursued during daylight hours and in fact fishing into the dark is illegal. I have often wondered why these fish still take when over here we are all night fishing crazy. Answers on a postcard please!

It was 10th June 2006 and I arrived at my stretch of the River Mole in North Devon confident that the conditions were perfect for sea trout. Mild, overcast and calm. Pulling on my waders I was aware of a distant hum of cars which grew louder as the other 2 syndicate rods had also turned up for a session! Graciously they gave way and headed off to another beat leaving me with Island pool all to myself. I love to arrive early, sit by the water, relax and listen. There is something incredible about night fishing that I cannot put into words ... you should try it and find out. Shortly after 11pm I was confident that things were just so and so entered the top of the pool to warm up my casting so that as I reached the hot spots the Speys would be in full swing.

On just my second cast the tranquility was shattered as in an explosive display of displeasure a fresh run Sea Trout took to the air in the hope of shedding my fly. As with most Sea Trout battles at night, it was a short lived but highly charged affair. These big fish know all the moves and often try sticking you in hidden roots within the river bank, so it is a case of hook and hold! That said sometimes it is near impossible and when a Sea Trout gets going it doesn't half rip! Another Sea Trout of around 2lb followed this fish a while later but at 7lb 10oz this was one of my top 2007 moments and I still close my eyes and think about it now. Roll on June!!!

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