Thursday, 17 January 2008

Staying Safe

I just had a guy in the shop who I have looked after in the past. John Bratby is in his sixties and loves his fishing but his tales of Salmon fishing in Iceland brought a shudder to my spine. He recounted a day last year when he found himself wading without a buoyancy aid on a treacherous piece of river in Iceland ... next stop the Arctic ocean! He explained how scared he was about the whole event and that he now realises that he should have been wearing a buoyancy aid when fishing in such conditions. His guide should also have been right with him and so I advised he ditch his old provider of fishing holidays and have a word with Aardvark McLeod instead.

This conversation reminded me of a hilarious moment last year when young Harvey Boniface was out with myself, his Dad Mike Boniface and Henry Gilbey to get some images from our beautiful River Exe. Harvey is a lovable but very inquisitive fellow and I made the mistake of explaining that his crew saver that we had issued him with was activated by water. The result is below!

As the buoyancy aid exploded into life Harvey exclaimed "whats happening, whats happening!" It was a very funny moment but also really shows how important a device like this could be in dangerous wading situations. We stock them here and I am yet to add them to my website. A job I will do later! At under £70.00 can you afford not to invest in one?

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