Monday, 7 January 2008

A week goes by!

Can you believe it, a week has gone by already! Apparently today is the busiest day of the year for holiday bookings! I can well believe that as my phone has not stopped all day. People have been calling me up to set up fly fishing courses and guided days. What better way to forget the cold greys skies and rain than to dream of June and of course ... FISH!

Just because I love her wellies, here is a lady I taught in June last year. Fly Fishing is such a universal sport, I have got chatting to people in airports just because they have noticed I have a rod tube with me. But better than that, everyone can have a go and we are definitely seeing more ladies taking part.

Next up is Jon Hettle. A very regular guest who visited for 3 days in June and took some cracking fish. First up was a session on the Exe, part of the Dulverton Angling Association water. Casting upstream with a dry fly we enjoyed a spellbinding session of around 15 minutes when 3 better than average Wild Browns pounced on Jon's dry Mayfly imitation. Check this one out below and see tomorrow for more from Jon's trip.

Me I am off home for dinner and to think about a holiday!!! My summers are spent guiding of course but come the winter I will be heading off for Cuba with Aardvark McLeod. Look at this, rod in hand, big blue sky and a Bonefish heading for the horizon .... drooling yet? This is a hosted trip, so why not join me?

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