Saturday, 2 February 2008

Fly Fishing with a Float

There are so many great techniques available to the fly fisher. One of the most deadly is hanging buzzers or indeed many other patterns under an indicator. Granted some perceive this as nothing more than coarse fishing with a float, but so what! Its all fishing, its all fun and if it catches fish ...

If I don't like a method, I don't use it, but if others do, cool, they will be enjoying themselves and why else do we go fishing?

So yesterday I found myself wrapping up in all manner of fleeces and hats to keep out a cold North wind scudding across Burton Springs in West Somerset. In particular I was happy to be wearing my new Hardy EWS Softshell Jacket, I have lived in it for the last month! Shooting a TF feature with Henry Gilbey we had a brilliant time. Tony Evans fish are supercharged and his well thought out lake is one of the best small waters I have ever fished. I caught using some Loon Biostrike nipped onto a fluorocarbon leader coupled with two Iain Barr Buzzers. Most of the fish were taken on a Hardy Demon 9'0" #5 rod coupled to a Hardy Demon 5000 Reel, truly awesome bits if kit that are due to hit the market anytime. The reel in particular reinvents the reel! My very next job is to write the article which I am really looking forward to as I am still buzzing from the trip. And the adrenalin has set in as a long time guest is turning up next week to sample Pike on fly, two whole days of it and I can't wait!

On the business front it is all go. We are still dealing with a less than cooperative web company so my apologies that the Hart Flyshop site does not show all the new products, I am working on this with them every spare moment I have. January was a great month and I met some very interesting people including one guy who was a survival expert. During his two day course fly fishing course he spent each evening under the stars in a homemade shelter, lighting fires with flint and surviving on his catch. A true wilderness angler!

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