Monday, 18 February 2008

Frosty Fly Fishing

Down on the lake by 8am today for quite a bizarre job. A chap dropped by the shop last week to discuss saltwater fly fishing. As our conversation unfolded it turns out he had not fished for some 30 years. In just a couple of weeks he was due to head off to Grenada for a sailing holiday in the company of his brother, a mad keen angler! Anyway, could I sort some tackle and the flies while brushing up his casting!?

Of course this was no problem and while John decided to go for a budget beginner’s kit his brother splashed out on one of the best saltwater fly rods available, the Greys Platinum XD Saltwater. I sorted the lines, backing and various accessories finishing off the kit with a funky CF Design Box and a selection of bait fish patterns. The guys will be fishing over reef mainly so a deep sinking line coupled to a Clouser or something similar will no doubt result in some seriously fun fishing. In fact I explained to John that having fished 30 years ago in Ireland for Trout he was in for somewhat of a shock! Hopefully he will come home armed with a few battle stories and a picture or two.

But what about the casting? Well considering John had not picked up a rod for 30 years I was amazed and after 2 hours of fine tuning he was chucking out a lovely line. To simulate the conditions as closely as possible I also added a Clouser Minnow as these heavy flies require a high line speed if distance is to be achieved. To make this whole job even more interesting we spent the morning removing ice from the rod rings! What an interesting day and the “Rado” has had its first test run ready for the Falcons tomorrow. It has been a busy month so a day off will be most welcome!

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