Friday, 22 February 2008

Getting Ready

It was great to meet up with Tim Watson and Tony Kaye again today. These guys are seriously into their fishing and it is a pleasure to work with them on a regular basis. Over the last few years they have attended various courses and it is very satisfying to see their progress. So today we were out on the lake for a pure casting session. These are rare for me, it is not often that we don't tie a fly on and stretch the twang, but we had important work to do. The guys will be back in August for a Grand Slam and if we are to succeed their casting will need to be on the ball, especially for the last part of the marathon day of fishing, a Sea Trout captured in the dead of night. I'm excited already!

Here Tony is working on his first ever Spey casts and really got into the groove using a Hardy Demon rod which he subsequently purchased! This is a double Spey, take note of the purposeful movements and smooth transition from one to another. In particular watch for what we term "the white mouse", that is the spray whipping up as the line is smoothly peeled out of the water and into the D Loop. Check the pause too, allowing the D Loop to kick back and tension the rod. With practice the line can be lengthened and serious distance achieved although on our Devon Rivers there is little need for distance more a keen eye for trees and other vegetation waiting to snare a wayward leader!

We meet up again in March and May where more practice will ensue although I am sure we will tangle with a few Brown Trout and maybe even a Salmon. Casting is great fun but it is a means to go fishing and I always advise little and often as the best policy. A few minutes here and there, perhaps the odd longer session with a bunch of mates but where possible go fishing! Every time we make a cast to a fish it should be practice after all.

While heading back to the lake after lunch I was surprised to bump into Phil Dixon all the way from Chester. Phil is very well known on the match scene and in fact we were team mates in the 2005 England International Squad that fished Grafham. Phil manages the superb Foremark reviews fishery which I hear rave reviews about on a regular basis. When I get chance I will drop by for a fish myself although it is a long way to go to catch fish that are swimming just yards from me right now!

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