Sunday, 17 February 2008

Hard Fishing

It was hard fishing on the lake today in more ways than one! While teaching Paul Humphreys yesterday I noticed a real dip in temperature towards the end of the session. By the time I had sorted the blog and got to the car there was ice on the windscreen. This morning we awoke to this!

Beautiful but the dip in temperature certainly took its toll on the fish as they were reluctant to take until late morning. Along with an iced up lake I also found this! Engrossed in conversation heading back to the shop last night I managed to leave this rod on the table over night. Fearing the worst I got it back into the warm and once thawed took it out for a quick cast. Thankfully all was well!

Plenty of anglers turned up to enjoy the sun, while I looked after my guest Alex Rogers who was in to sort out a few casting niggles. It is certainly great to have guests back at the waters edge and this week is no exception. Regular Jon Hettle is in, maybe for some Trout, perhaps some Pike, or could it be a Grayling ... that's the great thing about our base, so close, to so much!

Then Tony and Tim arrive, fixtures and fittings these days who are in for an early season casting tune up. Later in the year we will be heading out together on a grand slam consisting of a Trout, Bass and Sea Trout ..... all in one day! The weekend looks busy too and the river season is inching ever closer, I love this time of year, so much excitement, its better than Christmas (well, unless you just received the latest Hardy Demon Reel!)

I will post up some web updates soon but right now need to go and find some deicer so that I can get home!

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