Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mixing it Up

I hope to see a day when there are very few dividing lines within fishing. Fly anglers often scoff at coarse anglers and vice versa; almost belittling one another’s sport. But why? It’s all fishing and it’s all cool! Take my day out yesterday with Jon Hettle from Birmingham. We hit Somersets King Sedgemoor drain in search of pike on the fly but carried with us one of the great Greys Missionary 6 range of rods in order that we could hurl a lure or two. The lures accounted for the fish that were caught including this nice little jack that was Jon’s first ever Pike brought to the net. His only other previous encounter with the species was with a fish that had nailed a Roach caught using float tactics! On the day we found the water to be murky which is unusual after such a cold snap. Personally I prefer clear water for fly tactics and so yesterday the addition of a lure rod to our armoury was the difference. Stowed away in a Fishpond Double Haul pack along with the obligatory flask of Tea we wandered for miles while Jon had a cast here and there. In March Jon will return for some double hauling practice so that come winter 2008/09 we are able to get out there and see if we can nail his first double on fluff!

During conversation Jon mentioned Henry Gilbeys new book. If you want a perfect introduction to the delights of light tackle modern fishing tactics then look no further. Encompassing coarse, sea and game fishing this tackle bag sized publication is sure to get your creative angling juices flowing!

My rant for the day is what happened to Chubby Shads! I loved these little lures and have boxes full of the bodies but just a few heads. Dropping by Somerset Angling for a permit I was dismayed to find they have been discontinued. Is this true? If anybody knows where I can get a supply of the heads please let me know!

I mentioned my day out enjoying my first taste of Falconry during a recent post and I am still buzzing after the session. To spend all day in the company of so many amazing birds of prey was a privilege. With the mobile switched off it was very cool to relax and enjoy the instruction provided by head falconer Tony whose passion showed throughout.

There were so many moments that an essay would unfold below if I were to write about them but the highlights were certainly the Peregrines (whistling past my ear at 80 mph!), Owls and the Kookaburra which I was surprised to learn is a type of Kingfisher. If you want a real insight into the lives of these amazing creatures I urge you to visit Exmoor Falconry for a day that you will never forget!

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