Friday, 15 February 2008

Time flies when your having fun!

Where did those days go! This is a seriously busy time of year here at Nick Hart Fly Fishing, beats to sort, web development and as many days as possible spent on the rivers and lakes in the area. Then of course there are magazine articles for the likes of Trout Fisherman and Blinker plus my day to day consultancy for Hardy & Greys. Their kit just gets better and better!

So far on the teaching front I have had been looking after mainly Saltwater anglers heading off to the likes of Los Roques, Belize or similar. They all want to know how to double haul and of course deal with the wind. I love spending a few hours running through all the various techniques and it is surprising how just a little adjustment here or a comment there can assist someone. There is no more satisfying job than fly fishing instruction in my book. I can't wait as I am out all day tomorrow and then over the next couple of days working on some more saltwater fishers. After that I take off for a days break spent in the spectacular Exmoor countryside but not with rod in hand. My little lad Chester bought me a day out flying Falcons which I have heard is fantastic and I will certainly post my thoughts here after I have tried it. What will be very interesting is to see the instructors approach, teaching style fascinates me and was one of the reasons I got into the business of fly fishing instruction the moment I left school.

Behind the scenes the office is buzzing as I get my head around the sophisticated CMS system that runs our eCommerce site and train those working with me how to use it. Steadily we are adding great new products such as the Hardy Demon range set to take the UK scene by storm. We are learning fast and products will be going up pretty quickly from now on so do check back to find what’s new. In particular Iain Barrs Flies are going down a storm, brilliant quality that I now use in my own box. I love fly tying but where do I find the time, with 2 young kids and especially now the VDub Corrado lives once more! Thanks to Adrian for all his efforts, top mechanics are hard to come by but this guy really knows his stuff. Now get a website so I can link to you! I will be taking her for a spin, probably via the scenic route (not involving lamp posts) on my way to flying the falcons!

The weather has been truly fantastic and while out with Henry Gilbey at Bratton water we just could not stop raving about the massive blue skies, crystal clear water and top quality fish. I got down to my shirt sleeves and put the new 9'6" #6 Streamflex through its paces coupled to the awesome GTec reel. Earlier in the day I had some serious fun with the 9'0" #3 version, attach that to a 3lb 'bow and there is some fun to be had. I wonder how it will perform in Montana? Not long to go! Talking of big blue skies and photos, Henrys new book is out very soon. Check out details and pre order here. It is a definite how to for all anglers and has a strong sense of fly fishing throughout which is often lost in many all round books. It is a credit to the guy who I know gave up most of last year to ensure the brilliant end product. Buy a copy, you will not be disappointed!

7.00pm up and I should have been home an hour ago. Plenty of stuff coming up including our private lake news, an addition to the business that I have been after for some time although as fisheries go it does not come much better than Exe Valley Fishery. Surely we have one of the most stunning venues in the country and just a short trip down the M5. When I get 5 minutes I will update the site again as we have been seeing some top class fish. Plus the winter has been an awesome growing season so expect one of the best years ever. New platforms are going in, a lot of tree work has been done and I reckon the fishery looks better than ever. Check out the most recent Trout Fisherman to find out about the day I had here with some Iain Barr Tanskis ... serious fun with Freddie’s brutes! Oh and I almost forgot a new beat on the head waters of the Exe, untouched for some 20 years! If the inbox is killing you why not be the one to make that
inaugural cast. More soon.

Finally thank you to all of you who email so frequently and call regarding Scarlett. Our little girl is doing well now. A small hole in the heart but this is to be checked after a year and for now we have been told to treat her like any other little girl. She certainly has the lungs and a beautiful smile plus those eyes which of course she gets from her Mum. Last year was a tough one for us and Scarlett’s premature arrival turned the last few months of a difficult year into a nightmare. But our friends helped us through and for that both Sue and I thank you. Now let’s forget 2007 and make 2008 the best season ever! The fish are waiting .... and so are we.

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