Sunday, 2 March 2008

Beginners Luck!

Talk about beginners luck! Phil, on just his 2nd ever fly fishing trip, hooked this superbly conditioned Exe Valley Rainbow weighing in at 7lbs using a Cats Whisker. The fish gave him the run around and was a real achievement as the wind was howling and the water coloured due to a recent spate. It is entered into the Troutmasters and may even win him a badge and a place in the 2009 final!

Meanwhile I have been busy with a wave of guests either improving or getting into fly fishing for the first time. That along with the daily updates of Hart Flyshop and other duties mean my blog has been neglected for a few days. I will get a few river pix online soon for you stream junkies sat in an office somewhere and wishing you were on the bank! The season is almost here for Wild Brown Trout, just 12 more days to go! The Salmon season is already off to a start and I have just heard from Chris Marwood who runs the Mole syndicate with me. Apparently the river is in fine form, so all we need now is a run of fish!

Henry has just headed off to Argentina in search of the amazing Golden Dorado (no, of course I'm not jealous!). Keep up to date with his adventure here

And to all of you who are entered into the Trout Fisherman, Troustmasters fish off here at Exe Valley Fishery on Saturday I hope you are hard at the tying vice and ready for action!

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