Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Round Up

Its been a while since I have managed to get to the keyboard and add anything to the blog. At this time of year it is all go as anglers ready themselves for the new season. It is amazing how many grown men walk out of the shop with a child like grin clutching arm loads of goodies!

I headed up to Chew with good mate Andrew Hedger just before the NEC Go Fishing show and we enjoyed a day out for the early season Rainbows. The fish were in great condition but I was pleased we headed to the Blue Bowl pub first for a decent fry up as it was COLD! Boobies were successful but pulled lures on an Airflo DI 3 are also working. We fished opening day just after the gales on 14th March and the water was coloured so I found Black or a very bright Orange to be best. Andrew tied up some huge Coral coloured thing which the Rainbows enjoyed but also one decent lone Brown of about 3 1/2lb which he managed to drop back in before I could photograph it! The fishing was tough, the Rainbows shoaled up hard. This has been the same during the opening of Blagdon this week which I had hoped to get to. That's another story as my young boy Chester brought home a bug that has had me flat on my back for 3 days, so I missed the opening. Hopefully I will get up there soon, maybe with Henry Gilbey as I feel an early spring reservoir feature coming on.

After the Chew trip I fired up the Corrado and zoomed up to the NEC where Charles Jardine wowed the crowd with superb demonstrations and an attempt to cast 10 Spey rods at a time! Now that's impressive but I want to see him do it and hook 10 Salmon!

For all you petrol heads, the rado is fine thanks. The new engine is doing well and purred to Birmingham and back. After a 2 year lay off trying to sort out the previous multiple problems it is very cool to be driving her again and they seem even rarer now. I have to say my car filled me with a lot more joy than the show which I thought was small and bland. Good to see Iain Barr whose flies are very popular and I got a look at the outdoor show but other than that not much to report on an event that could be so good with just a little imagination. Oh yes, Active Exmoor were at the NEC Outdoor Show. Grab a copy of their new guide book which shows some superb activities and accommodation to enjoy in the Exmoor area. We are very lucky to live in such a special place that is just a short drive from J27 of M5. I hope you did not spend too much time on this motorway during the weekend though!

So what about the fishing? Well it's cold .... but then you know that! The lake has actually been fishing very well and of course big n black pulled slow has been catching. Opening day on the river (15th March) was whitewashed by the weather but cleared through the week. Even so it was very high and Neil did amazingly well to guide Jim Pool to a couple of fish in some of the toughest river conditions going. He used a 10ft Streamflex rod, coupled to a Rio Indicator line and super fast poly leader linked to a short leader and heavy bugs. The pair retreated after lunch but I would say they won the battle based on a howling North wind and pumping river. To some it may seem like madness but the satisfaction of success in such tough conditions actually beats catching easily. The secret is to wear good kit and for value for money I just cannot fault the Greys GRXi clothing range.

Our season really begins now so look out for many faces, some new, some old .... all guaranteed to be enjoying Fun, Fresh Air and Fish. Oh, and our new colour brochure has been completed so if you want a copy drop us a line. Happy Easter and Good Fishing.

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