Saturday, 29 March 2008

Wet but Happy

Well it certainly rained today! But I am glad we ignored the forecast for gale force winds by midday as this turned out to be way off, as usual! We cancelled a day recently based on the forecast only to be met with big blue skies and some spring sunshine. So watching Sky news last night after arriving home I made the decision that we would go for it and I am glad we did. It has certainly been blustery but these guys have had a ball!

Visiting from Bristol, the 2 Steve's (left & right) and Richard (middle) spent a morning casting and then I introduced them to some subtle nymph fishing tactics. Despite the weather a decent straight cast coupled with a steady figure of 8 picked up a few fish steadily through the morning session catching using a variety of Crunchers and Diawl Bachs. Each of the guys worked tremendously hard on their casting and it paid off. By the afternoon we had swapped to dries. Yes .... surface tactics in this weather!

Richard headed back to the lake after our knot and entomology session and added 3 to his tally, all off the surface without any guidance, proof that tuition really does pay off. The guys have headed to the Anchor Inn now and I reckon there will be just a little merriment!

It was great to leave Neil to the office work and Internet today and get out there on the lake, especially after last weekend! (see previous post!) Tomorrow I have Tim and Tony Watson heading over with a lady fisher and I just know they will want to get in the river. It is high, cold and clear but a heavy bug and a 10ft rod may see our first Grayling of the year. I had better stop typing and go and tie the bugs!

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