Friday, 4 April 2008

Buzzing about Buzzers

The temperature dropped today compared with the amazing heat of yesterday but the fish are still feeding! Laurence and Simon really took to the casting in no time, prior to heading off to the pub for lunch. After an extended session at my favourite venue Woods, the guys were feeling very mellow on a couple of pints of Exmoor Ale and a decent steak salad!

This showed as they were right back into their stride in no time and soon figure eighting an Iain Barr Crystal Cruncher back through the top 2 feet of water. Laurence was the first to hit a fish which slammed the fly and then launched itself into an aerobatic spin. Simon followed up shortly afterwards with a similar fish taken on a Glo Head Diawl Bach finished off in jet black pheasant tail. A few house martins were swooping around nearby and using a marrow spoon I was not surprised to find all the fish feeding well on Buzzers. This for me is a real sign that hopefully spring is close by .... feeding fish and buzzers! Next week I should be on Wimbleball, Clatworthy and Blagdon; I feel a midge tip moment coming on! But if the weather changes I will reach for the DI 7 and Boobies, another form of fishing that I relish.

Interestingly Laurence own and runs the Ilfracombe Aquarium which I will be visiting with my family very soon. Laurence has created a living river to coast experience and now sees in excess of 35,000 visitors each season! During the summer I will be assisting him with stocking Grayling which should be very interesting indeed. In fact fish conservation is something very close to my heart and a subject that in future I would like to become far more involved in. So much so Henry and I are planning a trip to the Bahamas to study and fish for Bonefish early in 2009.

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