Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chester goes Fishing!

I couldn't resist, I know he is only 16 months old but with a day to spend with my boy what else could we do? Go to the Zoo? Go to the Park? Stay in and watch cartoons ..... please!

With lakes full of Trout at our disposal and a young boy growing more inquisitive by the day what better way to keep him amused than to go fishing? Wildlife, sounds, a bit of tackle and of course a fish or two ... exciting stuff. We of course only went for a very short session but during that time Chester repeatedly used his new favourite word ... "Wow". I have been trying to teach him Henry's favourite word "awesome", but so far no joy! He can however say Dog (he does think cats are dogs however!), Geese and ... "Tish". I am working on the F bit, but for now Tish is just fine. When he sees me with a fish he says "Tish" and I have a great big picture of a New Zealand Brown Trout on my wall which he shouts "Tish" at as he hurtles past at great speed usually in pursuit of something from the cupboard or such like.

Back to our fishing. We caught a couple and I am proud to report that Chester even cranked the reel, as you can see from this picture! There were many more "Wows" and then we headed to the Anchor Inn for lunch. As usual Chester ate everything in sight before we visited the river to let our pie settle (which was extremely good, this place has become superb since new management moved in) and of course throw some stones. Needless to say a few hours later a very content boy was soon crashed out for the night!

I cannot believe how extraordinarily lucky we are to have such amazing countryside at our disposal although pretty soon I think the peace will be slightly disturbed as Chester runs amok shouting "Wow" and no doubt "Awesome"! We live in an amazing technological age and it fascinates me but it will never match the pure pleasure of spending a day out in spectacular countryside ... especially when fishing!

More on Chester's adventures soon!

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