Friday, 25 April 2008

Chew Valley Crocodiles

There is some amazing fishing to be had in the West Country and these pictures prove that point. Wayne Thomas is a mate of mine from North Devon and I think of him as the Ian Botham of fishing! He is an all-rounder to say the least catching Carp, chasing Tope, flicking flies to Trout while spending hours tantalising Mullet (or being tantalised by them!) But occasionally he turns his attention to Chew Valley Lake and the leviathans that lurk within! In amongst all this he has also found the time to author a comprehensive fishing guide and writes a weekly angling column in the North Devon Journal.

This fish was caught just yesterday (24/04/08) using fly fishing tactics and represents just one of a haul of 10 pike including specimens of 26lb 12oz, 15lb 12oz, 14lb, 11lb and 6 other jacks. This is outstanding fishing by any standards and on an easily accessible lake. All you need is a 9 to 10 weight rod coupled with suitable line ( I find an intermediate best), 6 to 8 ft leader which should incorporate a trace made from a supple material such as American fishing wire and some BIG flies. I favour the big Black Pike fly available through Turralls and also tie up Bunny Bugs on size 4/0 Varivas Big Mouth Extras, an awesome hook. You will also need an unhooking mat, a big net and some long forceps. If you plan a trip to Chew (I certainly am, Wayne ... when are we going!?) then try areas such as Herriots, Hollow Brook, Villice and the Stratford area which is where most of Wayne's fish were taken.

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