Wednesday, 16 April 2008

First Grayling

I am constantly amazed how time zooms by. Today I met up with Brian Stumpe and his son Giles who have visited in the past and as we started doing the maths we realised that the last time they were guided by me was just before I got married, that was in 2001! Time is a commodity that money just cannot buy and although Brian his retired he has not found time to cast a fly during the last 7 years while Giles had added two more children to his tally of one and has a 4th on the way!

A quick casting check on the lake and I was gobsmacked because it was if the guys had never put down a rod. An early lunch ensued as I wanted to get on the river during the heat of the day, I could sense fish. I still need a fleece layer under my Hardy EWS Waders, but the sunlight (it has been a beautiful day) did the trick and a few Olives and the odd Large Brook dun put in an appearance.

We got a couple on dries but it was a Rambo nymph with a heavy bead head that did the most damage. Using a New Zealand dropper rig we picked up fish steadily, plugging away, fishing the likely spots. In particular look for calm meeting fast water, an area I call the "seam". Fish love these areas including this first ever Grayling for Giles which is also the first I have seen this season from the Exe. We are now a month in from open day and the river is just starting to look like it is coming alive, I can't wait for the next few weeks and of course it means we are creeping ever closer to a Montana.

Closer to home indulge in some of Henry's images from the River Exe here. It's 8.00pm but already I am looking forward to sliding into this very special river once more tomorrow! I guess you could call it my office ...

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