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Fishing Reports

Yesterday I was out on the river, more of that tomorrow along with my report from Wimbleball during a Trout fisherman shoot with Henry Gilbey. For the moment here is the most recent South West Lakes venues news. Some good fish including a 5lb overwintered Wimbleball Brown to Neil Keep which I tried but failed to replicate myself today! And before I go and cook up my Wimbleball catch I must mention Henry's book which was published yesterday. This was a a huge amount of effort that literally took over 6 months of Henry's life! Copies available for sale here.

South West Lakes Fishery reports for March 2008


South West Lakes Trust trout fisheries are now all open (Fernworthy on 1 April). Very mixed weather has meant that fishing methods have had to adapted to suit the conditions on the day, and in spite of some very poor weather, the season’s fishing has begun well.


Kennick – The fishery opened to the public on 29 March (with a preview bank day for season ticket holders on 28th). In spite of driving wind and rain, the fishery got off to a good start, with most fish being caught within the top two feet of water. The fish appeared to have concentrated at the south end of the reservoir, as few fish were caught north of Clampitts Bay. Fish were eager to feed, and were being caught on most types of fly, although something black seemed to be the most successful, with Montana Nymph being at the top of the list. After opening day, the fish went deeper, with sinking line tactics (with booby) proving the most successful. A few buzzers have been hatching, and spooned fish have contained green buzzers, but so far only one fish has been caught using a buzzer imitation. Other successful flies included Damsel Nymphs, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, Black Tadpoles and Vivas, along with Orange Fritz Lures.

The best fish of the weekend was a 3lb 10oz rainbow caught by Paul Wicks (of Ashburton), as part of a full bag, while fishing from the bank. Other good fish included rainbows of 3lb 9oz and 3lb 7oz caught by Andy Davies (Torquay) in one session fishing from the bank using a Montana.

Siblyback opened for bank fishing on 21 March, and in spite of strong northerly winds, the fishing proved it was worth braving the elements, with half the anglers catching their limits, and a rod average of over four fish per rod during the first two weeks.

The fish were feeding on Black Buzzer Nymphs along the North shore, but few fish showed on the surface. Generally lures proved to be the most successful flies (mainly black, such as Black Tadpoles, Vivas, Boobies, along with a few orange patterns), although a variety of nymph patterns also took fish (Diawl Bach, Montana, Hare’s Ears, and Damsel Nymphs).

Again prospects are promising for buzzer fishing as the weather warms up in April.

Wimbleball – The fishery opened on 29 March, and again, in spite of strong winds and rain, the bank fishing proved to be particularly good on opening day (with rods averaging just under four fish), and Ruggs Bay producing the best results. Boat fishing then improved, and with fish well dispersed around the lake, fishing a drift along the wind-lanes proved to be the most successful. Both nymphs and lures proved successful, with most fish being taken on Black Cats Whisker or Black Tadpoles. Diawl Bachs and Damsels consistently took fish, while a team of Blobs and Damsels proved to be a good combination. While the fish were not too deep, a weighted fly helped to get down to where the fish were feeding. Again, a number of Black Buzzers in the air indicate that buzzer fishing will soon be taking off at Wimbleball.

Best fish caught included a 5lb 6oz Rainbow caught by David Blyfield, fishing from a boat using a Black Booby, a 5lb rainbow caught by Mr. Hayward (of Bradford Abbas) fishing from the bank, and a superb overwintered 5lb Brown Trout caught by Neil Keep (of Oakford, Tiverton) while using a Cats Whisker fished from the bank at Bessoms.

Stithians opened on 15 March, and in spite of some very strong cold North Westerly winds and this fishery’s exposed location, anglers managed a three fish rod average. While most fish were taken on sub surface lures (Viva, Black Tadpoles, Cats Whiskers, and Orange lures), more natural imitations (such as Hares Ear Nymphs and Montana Nymphs) proved successful, with some fish even being tempted to Black Hoppers fished on the surface. Yellowort Bay and Sailing Bank proved to be the most popular locations, with the best fish being a 3lb 3oz rainbow, caught by Mr W. Chegwidden (from Bristol) using a Bloodworm pattern from the bank.

Wistlandpound – the best fishing has been from the bay at the North End, with dark coloured lures (Viva Nomad and Black and Green Fritz Nomads particularly successful.

Colliford fished very well at the start of the season, with the brownies eagerly taking a selection of dark subsurface patterns (such as Montanas and Black Tadpoles), either on an intermediate line, or a floater with a long leader and heavier fly, and fished with a succession of short strips. The north bank and bay by the main car park has proved a successful area, roaming the banks and fishing the margins, but taking care not to spook the inshore brownies. Day tickets this season are available from the Jamaica Inn, off the A30 at Bolventor.

Chris Hall (April 2008)

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