Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Grayling Surprise

Sat at the keyboard ringing wet after our morning session on the river I can report that there seems to be very little in the way of Salmon around on the Exe at present. I have heard of one fish caught on Saturday and the Taw is producing fish so I shall certainly be headed for the Mole very soon myself.

Today has been fun though. Celebrating Mike Bonifaces birthday we did the usual run down of possible fishing venues and species before finally deciding that a pop at a Salmon just had to be done. Setting off to fish my Tuesday rod on the Carnarvon beat we did not expect much in the way of sport but started slinging a few snakes and double speys across stream ever hopeful. If nothing else it was good casting practice and fun to be out on this lovely stretch of water once more.

Mike has just arrived back and is breathing over my shoulder in true angler fashion so I will post this picture of a surprise Grayling taken in the tail of Old Womans run on a #10 Stoats Tail. The initial solid thump sent a ripple of momentary adrenalin through me as I thought a silver tourist had accepted my offering but I was still very pleased to see this stunning fish in all its glory.

After an Anchor Inn lunch we are recharged and heading out again this time in pursuit of Trout (and possibly Grayling), so I had better shut up and get gone!

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