Tuesday, 29 April 2008

It is a record!

I arrived back not so long ago from our afternoon session on the Exe. The rain had battered relentlessly for an hour resulting in coloured water. Mike took several fish in quick succession as the colour began to appear including what looked to be a really good Brown. Sadly it took his ever faithful Terrys Emerger back to its lair leaving Mike to wonder what could have been. Packing up early as the sport suddenly died I decided to drop into the shop to continue work on a Trout Fisherman feature.

Settling down to the keyboard there was a loud knock at the door and when I opened it I found a man in a state of shock dangling a large Rainbow Trout in front of me. Well done Colin Wayman this Trout is a new Exe Valley Fishery record weighing in at 12lb 7oz. The fish was caught on an orange lure fished with a floating line.

After finishing up some more of this feature all about Fernworthy Reservoir I will be loading the car ready for a very early morning spent fishing with Henry Gilbey on another Brown Trout only lake, Colliford, high up on Bodmin Moor.

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