Thursday, 3 April 2008

Non stop action

So it has been a busy few days at the NHFF HQ and did those Trout from Wimbleball taste good or what! I mentioned yesterday that I was out on this awesome venue with Henry Gilbey
chasing down a hard fighting rainbow or two. My tactics involved an Airflo DI 7 fished off a 10'0" #7 Hardy Demon Rod. Now this range has got me salivating, particularly the reel which I shall review and place here and on the site very soon! Anyway after a bit of searching a huge Humungus Booby did the trick, tweaked very slowly. Takes were either a "tap-tap" that I followed up with a full blooded strike or the fish simply nailed the fly and bolted hooking themselves. This is not a tactic for C&R but if you want some fish for the freezer once hooked on the Booby the Trout has little chance of escape. I love dry fly, midge tipping a buzzer and all that but hooking fish in cold deep water on fast sinking lines is awesome. In fact you just don't know what could come next as Neils 5lb overwintered Wimbleball Brown a few days ago proves.

On the guiding front I was very pleased to take David Garth out for his first ever day on the River Exe, in fact his first ever day on any river. He attended a course in Feb and has been salivating at the thought of hitting the river ever since. I have several guests I look after who have the twinkle in their eye of both obsessive angler coupled with tackle junkie! David is one of these! He is already the very proud owner of a Hardy Marksman combination which I feel is just the start of his collection. We will be out again shortly and hopefully christen this rod as during his Tuesday session we needed to fish heavy bugs in big water using the 10ft Greys Streamflex which I am such a big fan of. Success came in the form of an 8" wild Brown that David was over the moon with ... size is definitely not everything especially on a stretch of river as wonderful as the Exe. Which reminds me we have a new stretch on offer but more of that soon.

Time for a blast up the M5 in the Corrado, MOTHERCARE AGAIN!!! I love my kids but will be happy to see them out of nappies. Lots more news but the need for speed calls.

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