Monday, 7 April 2008

Warming up on Wimbleball

While I may be a guide and instructor during the week I like nothing better than spending my day off fishing! This week I actually have a few days off and I intend to make the most of it ...

After an evening in the company of good friend Alasdare Lambert and his wife Fiona at Three Acres Country House Hotel we had a leisurely 11am start to our Wimbleball session , Alasdare going with a Kelly Green Intermediate while I opted for a Rio Midge Tip. Based on my previous success while fishing Wimbleball with Henry on Wednesday we headed to Ruggs Bay, fishing the point just around from Bessoms Bridge. The wind was blowing across our casting shoulders requiring a reverse cast but in fact we found the fish were not far out anyway. Alasdare was the first to hook up just yards from the shore while fishing the hang. A sprightly Rainbow came to the net and was soon photographed and heading back to its home. Not long after Al added another fish and then it was my turn as the Midge Tip locked up into a nice two pounder. A few casts later a fish swam past me just a rod tip away, clearly visible in the gin clear water conditions! I heaved on the line ready to make a quick cast at this fish when the rod hooped over into an unseen fish, again just yards from the shore. Meanwhile a flock of House Martins were feeding over a large expanse of the lake and continued to do so even when the weather soured leading to some slow sport during the next hour.

Some welcome sunshine put in an appearance and before long a few fish were on the top taking Buzzers as they hatched. The fly life at Wimbleball so far appears to be excellent which bodes well for the coming season and if they hatch during such cold conditions imagine what it could be like in late spring! The warmth triggered a feeding frenzy so that in one hectic ten minute spell I added another 6 to my tally having swapped to an Airflo DI3 Sinker coupled to a Blob, Dabbler and Pearl Cormorant Booby team. This was fun fishing, throwing a long cast and then as soon as the line hit the water twitching it back quickly with a series of 3" pulls. While in the morning we had experienced a lot of finicky takes the lures moving at high speed did the trick leading to many solid hook ups.

We got some more fish but the sport became sporadic and then as another icy wind blew up the fishing died. This is typical of the time of year so if you find some Trout stick with them and get your fly back in the water as soon as you have had a fish, there will often be another waiting for you! We only had time for a short 4 hour spell as Alasdare needed to hit the M5 back to Twickenham but I reckon we had the best of it anyway and to be honest it was great to be on the lake chucking a line and enjoying some sport. It is very good at Wimbleball right now so I was puzzled to see just one other angler trying his luck. This venue is a challenge but well worth it and at this time of year there is always the chance of an overwintered fish.

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  1. I can't think of any better way of unwinding than fishing with a mate - and at such a great venue. Four seasons in one day weather wise, but it didn't stop the fun. It was a first for me catching rainbows in the snow - and another first the previous day, catching grayling on the dry during the hail & snow showers. There is so much choice fishing in the area , I can't wait to get back.