Thursday, 17 April 2008

You can't play football at 80

Blowing a mad one here today, Easterly and howling downstream. Marcy and Pete Tutton did brilliantly well to cope with it. In fact I was quite glad to be guiding rather than fishing, I hate down streamers! They can be coped with though. The trick is lean forward. This will raise your back cast, lower your forward stroke and cut through the wind. Keep the leader short and use big flies, the scudding wind means the surface will be broken so a decent sized Adams or similar will do the trick. The Rambo nymph was the star again today and another Grayling succumbed.

So why the reference to football? Well take a look at this. Brian Stumpe fishing the Exe yesterday at close to 80 years old (he would say young of course). He as a bit of arthritis, but other than that I reckon he is fitter than me (certainly as my kids seem to give me everything except the plague!). In and out of the water, chucking a fly ... no problem. What other sport (bowls ... yuk!) could an 80 year old participate in so effectively?

Watching Brian fish beautifully upstream got me thinking about the whole "traditional / modern" debate. There are those who like to wear tweed when they fish, fair play, but its not for me. There are those who want to flick dries upstream only and hate nymphs, cool, go for it. Others prefer cane, give me carbon anytime. The point is fly fishing is incredibly diverse and can be whatever you wish to make out of it. Check this out, the This is Fly team have perhaps the most dynamic off the wall approach to the casting of flies and catching of fish I have ever seen!

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