Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Bowled over by Badgworthy

The fishing in Florida does look very good but I have to say that yesterday I would have chosen the UK. There is something unique about the UK that I have found in no other country when the sky is blue and the golden orb is out. What better conditions to sample a new bit of fishing?

Heading out to Badgworthy Water with Tim and Tony I was full of adrenalin. I had never clapped eyes on the water we were about to fish and so this makes it interesting for the guys to see my approach and interesting for me as I really have to think about it. A tributary of the incredible river Lyn, I reckon this stretch of outstanding Trout fishing is very close to as good as it gets.

Technical, exciting and the fish were of a great average size with a gorgeous yellow belly, flecked with a marbled grey and a dark back typical of moorland specimens. We had nothing over 9 inches to the net but we had loads of them, in the end well over 30 between the 2 of these guys and if they had hit the missed takes ... double that. Although some areas are very enclosed and others almost unfishable, the 10'0" #5 style rods such as the Streamflex range by Greys are perfect. This is leader just out of the top of the rod stuff! The bigger the dry the better it seemed and from pool one we were into fish. This venue is also so diverse, pot holes, glides, runs, waterfalls and very deep pools ... it has everything!

I could go on and on, this place really is a sensual fishing extravaganza. If you love wild Trout in far out places, you will love Badgworthy. How many times I said "this is amazing" through the day, I don't know, but I wouldn't have minded a new Klinkhammer in my box for each! Just to add spice to the day we ran into some politics which I can't publish here but the long and the short of it is that £5 gets a huge amount of fishing right into the moors... where you can jump across the river. As soon as I have chance I will be packing my Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack and exploring. This place is just 20 miles from my front door ... Why haven't I been before?!

Today I will be guiding another new stretch of water I have found out about. Now I do know this river and I have actually spent time swimming in a few of the pools as a small kid but have never had chance to fish this beat. I will tell more later when Tim & Tony have fished it but let me say this, I have high expectations. And the sun is shining.

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