Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Fish n Chips

I got together with my mate Mike a few nights back for a session on the Sea Trout. This is as close as we came ... a fish and chip supper! The moon was out (never good) right until we packed up in the wee small hours when the clouds finally rolled in. No sign of any fish that night, not even a pull although Mike did have a mini heart attack when he trod on a fish while we waded a pool after fishing it!

Who knows perhaps John Wilkinson who poses here with a nice Exe Valley Fishery Trout taken on a Buzzer during his fly fishing course will be out there after Sea Trout himself in the next few years. As I always say to my guests, once they have grasped the casting there are many and varied opportunities to explore. Fly Fishing for Trout on stillwaters is awesome and I love it but variety is what really keeps me going. As my next post confirms ...

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