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Fishing Reports - May

All the latest from the shores of South West Lakes Trust venues ....

South West Lakes Trout Fisheries ( April 2008)


Very mixed weather has continued through the month – this has included snow, frosty nights, bright sunny days, strong winds from all directions and heavy rain! In spite of this, buzzers have been hatching, and fish have been showing on the surface. Most sites have found the fish feeding eagerly, and have produced some excellent sport. The outlook for May is for fish to start looking to the surface for food, and great top-of-the water sport once the Hawthorns arrive.


Kennick – The fishing at Kennick proved to be excellent throughout the month, with weekly rod averages varying between 3 and 4 fish, and a number of fish over 5lb being caught. The staple diet was black buzzers, with some fish feeding on caddis and snails. While fish took a wide selection of fly patterns, the most consistently productive fly proved to be the Damsel Nymph, while other successful patterns included Montana Nymphs, Black Buzzers, and Diawl Bachs. Dark lure patterns (such as Black Tadpoles, Vivas, Ace of Spades, and Black Boobies) all caught fish when fished deep. Surface patterns only started to work toward the end of the month, when Black Hoppers, Beetles, and Black and Peacock Spiders fished in the surface film caught fish. Best locations depended on the weather and wind direction, but both Clampitts and Boat Bank fished consistently well.

Best fish of the month include a 5lb 6oz rainbow caught by Dave Wilson (Christow) from the bank on 22 April; a 5lb 5oz rainbow caught by Phil Sharpe (Exeter) using a Pheasant Tail Nymph from the bank on 23 April; and a 5lb 4oz rainbow caught by P.Griffith (Ashburton) using a Pheasant Tail Nymph from a boat on 4 April.

Siblyback - in spite of the weather, Siblyback fished well throughout the month, with the catches getting better and better, culminating in a rod average of 5.9 in the last week of April! As soon as the cold winds eased, the buzzers started to hatch and the fish started to feed. Floating and Intermediate lines fished the best, with a variety of patterns all taking fish, including Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Montanas, and Black Pennells, as well as Pink and Orange Lures. Stocky Bay, Crylla Bay, as well as the North Bank and Bay all produced good results, with the wind direction playing an important role in locating the fish.

The best fish of the month included a 5lb 10 oz rainbow caught by M.Morris (Newquay), using a Black and Silver Muddler from a boat in the North Bay area on 2 April; a 5lb 2oz rainbow caught by Mr. Lewis (Bodmin) using a Black Lure fishing from the bank.

Wimbleball – the fish have been well dispersed around the lake, with Ruggs Bay, Cow Moor, and the Upton Arm all producing good catches. Generally, because of the cold water temperature, the fish have been fairly deep, with sinking lines fishing Tadpoles and Damsel Nymphs generally working well. In the warmer spells, buzzers have started to hatch, and a floating line with a team of Black Buzzers has worked well.

The best fish included a 5lb rainbow, caught by Mr. T.Thompson (from Ilfracombe) while fishing from the bank at Ruggs, using a Pheasant Tail Nymph (3 April), and a 4lb 10z rainbow caught by B.Carl from Nort Molton.

South West ‘Fishing For Life’ was launched with a Taster Day on 13 April, and was received with much enthusiasm.

Stithians – has fished well during April, with Hawthorns already in the air, and fish looking up to feed. The best areas to fish depended on the wind direction (Stithians is more exposed to the elements than most), although Yellowort fished well throughout. Successful flies included Hoppers, Daddies, and Hawthorns on the surface, with Diawl Bachs and Invictas fishing well at shallow depths. Popular lure patterns were mainly either orange or black, and fished well in the deeper water by the dam.

Wistlandpound – some nice rainbows up to 2lb 8oz have been caught from the banks during April, mainly to traditional style nymph patterns such as Pheasant Tails Nymphs and Buzzers, as well as Bibios and Montana nymphs.

Colliford – has continued to fish well throughout April, with the fish feeding eagerly

on small buzzers. Apart from Black Buzzers, traditional nymph patterns such as Hares Ears and Mallard and Clarets, as well as Bibios fished in the surface film, stripped Black tadpoles and Fritz patterns have all caught fish.

(note - I fished Colliford on 30/04 and had a ball ... see report here)

Fernworthy – Mainly dark traditional patterns have been taking the early season fish at Fernworthy (Blae and Black, Black nymphs, Grouse and Claret, and Diawl Bachs), and in spite of the cold conditions, a number of browns have been tempted to take surface patterns, such as Black hoppers, Daddies, Black Gnats, Beetles, and Black and Peacock Spiders fished in the surface film. Keeping on the move and covering as much water as possible is the best method, although it is always worth fishing the bays with the feeder streams.

Chris Hall (May 2008)

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