Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday - Hart Flyshop

Today marks 2 years of Hart Flyshop. I won't say it has been easy juggling guiding, writing, family and the responsibilities that go with owning and managing a fly fishing tackle shop. But enough of that, being able to work in fishing is fantastic, a privilege in fact. Despite some ups and downs the support of our customers and friends has put us where we are today. Today I am off to have a cast with some mates after work, two years ago I collapsed in a heap after our opening day, the stress of last minute building and the run up to throwing our doors open 3 months late in mid season all became too much. But those times are past so ...

The Hart Flyshop & Nick Hart Fly Fishing team would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers who have believed in and supported us during the last 2 years. It may seem like a small milestone to many but for us, we are overjoyed at watching the shop develop; it has come a long way in that time. We look forward to being of service for many years to come!

I would also like to personally thank Henry Gilbey who has taken photographs of the shop and allowed us to use all manner of images on our website, magazine adverts and brochures. Like the man says, "fishing has never looked better".

Representatives Karl King of Leeda, Martyn Robinson of Guide Fly Fishing, Pete Gibson of Hardy & Greys, Dave Fryer of Shimano/Loomis, Bill Hatton of Maui Jims and Iain Barr who now provides much of our fly stock have all been a huge support and instrumental in the growth of the business.

There are many others who I should mention but that would make this a VERY long post .... although Alasdare Lambert deserves a very special mention. Part of the Shirlaws group this guy has helped us to focus on delivering the very best service possible and has been a rock to Hart Flyshop for the past 12 months. We are forever in his debt.

Jon Hettle, of Hettle Andrews is another amazing guy who has provided advice, support and also sorts out our commercial insurance. I look forward to his regular visits and fish like this.

Mike Boniface is also brilliant, a great mate who I fish with regularly and always at the end of the phone ready to drop everything when the computers go wrong. He also sorts all our print, don't look any further than Maslands for superb brochures etc.

Neil Keep joined us a few months ago and has slotted straight into place in the shop and on the banks with guests while Mark Dawkins visits every week to give the shop the once over with all manner of cleaning materials! Thanks guys for mucking in.

To everyone else who has supported us, huge thanks and I hope that we get to go fishing soon.

Now the river is calling (a spate will have the Salmon in) so I will be celebrating with a cast very shortly but there is one other person who I need to thank. That person is my wife Sue who is bringing up our two children while helping me build the business. A whizz on the internet she is now solely responsible for the day to day running of the online business leaving me to get on with guiding, writing and running the shop. Thank you sweetheart for everything.

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