Sunday, 4 May 2008

Rainbow Perfection & Lessons Learned

This morning I was fishing Wimbleball by 7am. I have fished this lake since aged 11 and still I find it captivating; today has been particularly so.

Tackled up with a floater and long fluorocarbon leader I fished a Mini Humungus on the point and a couple of Diawl Bachs. Fortunately the rain had left me alone and happily I slung a long cast and mixed up the retrieve. Inside 1/2 an hour I had lost a fish and netted another that had fallen to the Humungus. Meanwhile I was joined by a chap who I recognised from his visits to the shop. Fishing just to the left of me on Ruggs bank he too soon latched into another Wimbleball resident.

Then it went dead. I tried the intermediate as a couple of mates had been catching well deep the day before and again mixed it up. I swung buzzers on a floater and a midge tip. No joy. However during this time the fellow angler to my left had made a change and hit 3 fish in no time flat. All had taken buzzers fished on a long leader and anchored with a huge Rutland style buzzer on the point. But here is the interesting bit; all the fish had been taken using an indicator.

Never be too proud to make the change when you need to. What's better stick with your method hoping it may work or be lead by example? First cast with an indicator and it bobbed, but I struck like a loony, way over eager! Next cast there was no messing and I whacked home a size 10 Black & Red Holo Buzzer. This fish was super fit and as it neared the bank after a strong tussle, I could see why. The Wimbleball Trout have been awesome this year and I reckon this is about as close to perfection with fins as you can get. Very kindly the chap who had been responsible for the technique captured the fish on my digital camera in all its glory before I carefully slipped it back.

We waded back out, I missed a fish on my next cast while the angler to the left had hooked up. Next cast I was in too! On my right we had been joined by another angler who quickly hot footed it up the bank to find out what an earth we were using. This was an R&R session for me but I love to see people catching fish so set up the same leader and indicator rig for him. Guess what happened on his first cast!

I never did get the chaps name who hit the right technique but what a gent for sharing it. I find that there is such a great social network on the lake bank and my mornings sport was all the more fruitful for a bit of assistance from a fellow angler. But we can also learn that if you are fishing as mates out on a boat or on the bank, always try different techniques. One of you will get it right! If you both sit there doing the same thing and its not working how will you ever find the fish? And ... if you have found the winning formula share it with someone else on the bank. I got just as much pleasure seeing the guy nail a fish first cast on the indicator as I did taking the superb fish above.

Sadly even though I eked out as much time as I could I had to leave the water and head back to the shop as technically I had been skiving! Arriving back to the lake surrounded by anglers I was soon in the shop advising on rod and reels but feeling all the better for that early morning session. Back to the river tomorrow for me with Tim and Tony who are veteran guests and this year determined to catch Sea Trout and Bass on the fly.


  1. Hi Nick
    That was me (Neil) to your right, I would just like to thank you for your time, leader and flies in helping me hit that fish first cast with your set up. although i fished to 5pm unfortuanately it wasn't my day and left empty handed, but this was my first bash at buzzer style fishing, i missed quite a few bobs of the indicator and had a dozen or so pulls. Just to finish a big thanks to guys like you who will give other anglers some time and knowledge.
    Many thanks

    Neil Dawson
    PS thanks for the cards

  2. Hi Neil,

    It was a pleasure to help out ... and I still can't get over the size of your 3 year old lad! A decent looking Rugby prop in the making! The fish did get really tough, I picked up a couple more but had to work for those. Try out some epoxy style buzzers under the indicator as the old style don't look so realistic. Also go with 6lb fluorocarbon as 5lb is a little light. I even fish 8lb at times. Anyway hope to catch up again with you sometime. Good Fishing, Nick.

  3. Hi Nick, I'm Pete Fenton (the bloke on your left who took the photo). What a great mornings fishing that was! I spooned one of the fish i caught shortly after you left and it was full of small black buzzers (no surprise) but they just seemed to want it slow on an indicator. Im fishing Blithfield resevioir on Friday, Guess what set up i'll be starting off with.

    Cheers for the great company that Morning.