Monday, 26 May 2008

Sleeping Sea Trout

After a highly charged Friday night spent Sea Trout fishing with Nick Mansfield and Stuart Jebb I was up for a bit of action myself. During the Sunday wherever possible I grabbed a few moments and tied up some new fly mounts, while going over the gear. Steak for supper, truck at the ready I was fuelled up for an intense evening on the river.

It never happened ...

Driving over to the Mole I almost turned back as an ominous sky loomed. It is rare for me to have second thoughts; if I am fishing, I am fishing ... try and stop me! My parents did for years. Well that's not strictly true, they tried to stop me being 2 to 3 hours late for evening meals. Non of their punishments ever worked, I was the original last cast king. Ask Henry Gilbey ... he puts up with me on Trout Fisherman feature days!

I digress. The pressures dropped, the clouds rolled in and although the air temperature seemed good there was something lifeless about the river. On Friday night we arrived to fish popping on the surface while bats flitted up and down the river. Last night was spooky, a gentle breeze rushing through the trees resulting in the odd heart stopping "crack" as an old trunk groaned under the strain. Very few fish rose and the bats were nowhere to be seen. But I worked at it and did get hit hard once. Another 2am close to proceedings but I know that if I put the effort in an early run double figure fish may be the result. The amazing anticipation keeps me going back for more and more; its like a drug. You should try it some time! Nick Mansfield did and here is what he had to say about it.

" A big thank you Nick for providing me with my first (and hopefully not my last) Sea Trout, it was the wildest fishing kick ever!! It is certainly a big credit to you that you could teach me to spey cast in the morning to the extent that I felt fully confident to tackle the river that same night. And yes it was really dark! The River Mole is a most beautiful river which takes on a mystical allure at night which provided me with a really special memory. So, thanks again Nick, I will never forget the slap the Sea Trout made re-entering the water fighting against the line, a true night-time duel and really the most fantastic adrenalin rush ever!! The only problem Nick is how can you outdo this experience on our next guided adventure with you?"

Nick Mansfield - May 2008.

Many thanks for your comments Nick, much appreciated and I look forward to our next outing and to see more about Nicks trip check this page.

Just before I go, the action and lack of it (I should stick to guiding perhaps!) has all been taking place on the river Mole. In this months Trout Fisherman you will find an article regarding this beautiful river captured by Henry Gilbey and a day I shared in the company of young up and coming angler Ben Allen. This guy is a fishing nut and we are really pleased that in a few weeks he starts working with us. During our day out on the Mole we tackled Wild Brown Trout but during the summer I think we could be heading out for a few late night Sea Trout sessions. Although right now the filthy weather and rising Exe makes me feel that perhaps tomorrow could be the time for a Salmon. I have my beat for the day and should be catching up with Mike for a chuck. I hope the silver tourists are listening!

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