Saturday, 14 June 2008

Back into Fly Fishing

It was great to hear the voice of John Peter recently. He called up to book 3 days fishing with us in the company of his mate David. Now John is one of my first ever clients, attending 10+ years ago when I was still working out of the White Horse Inn! An extremely busy guy John had unfortunately laid down his rods 4 years ago and had not made a cast since! So it was up to us to set the piscatorial fishing juices flowing once more.

Neil got the course off to a flying start taking John and David to fish on Gilberts Lake (a private facility with a self catering cottage attached and a growing reputation) as back here at Exe Valley we had a corporate day running. David got stuck straight in and the skills came flooding back to John. By day two I could hardly recognise that John had ever stopped casting, in fact I think he was better than before! We had a real laugh on Exe Valley targeting fish with dry flies, in particular Iain Barrs Big Black which the Trout were snaffling with confidence. Interestingly and this turned out to be the case the day before, the fish were very picky and if the fly was not at the right depth, it didn't get taken.

Day three dawned and it was time to drop the lake rods and head to the river. The air temp has cooled but the flies are still about and this year has seen some of the best free rising Trout sport I have witnessed for a long time. We picked off some decent fish throughout the day and catching up with Neil at the pub later that day found that he had guided an absolute monster of over a pound on another river Exe beat.

I will get images of that fish up sometime soon but right now I must get away from this office and the many jobs that need to be done! I have last minute preparations to make for my visit to Montana with Henry Gilbey and just yesterday our fly display arrived in from Bozeman; how weird that I will be there on Monday! More soon ....

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  1. If you want to have a great time - whether you can cast a fly yet or not - take 3 days with Nick and the team.
    You will not regret it!