Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Heaven or Montana?

There is only one thing wrong with right now, well no actually ... two things. The first is minor. I have yet another cold which I think comes from my kids but is probably more late nights and a hectic season! The other thing is that I wish that I was sat in my own office here in Montana, with my wife and kids besides me, rod poised ready for a crack at the Yellowstone. You see I am yet to even wet a line in this amazing state of but already I have already fallen in love. At first sight? Yes, you had better believe it!

I for one hope that Montana is a destination that Aardvark McLeod will promote the hell out of because honestly folks this place has to be seen to be believed. For several years I have been thinking about the possibility of heading to New Zealand but right now I am starting to think otherwise ...

It all started on Sunday morning when Henry Gilbey picked me up for the journey to Heathrow. Airports are never much fun but I have to say from check in, to security and finally the flights; things could not have run more smoothly. Even so Henry and I were both bleary eyed upon touch down and heading to our hotel in the hire car I have to apologise to the motorist who I first sprayed wind washer at, followed by indicating both right and left before flashing my lights for good measure!!! Thankfully our brilliant Nissan 4x4 stayed on the right side of the road and arrived safely at our digs. Needless to say that within moments of opening my bedroom door I was spark out!

We have spent today trawling around the endless flyshops in and around the towns of Bozeman and Livingston. Many thanks to Jim and Mary of Adams & Son whom Henry and I met with this morning. They provided great advice regarding the shops we should visit and virtually without exception each establishment contained furniture and point of sales in red oak created by the crew at Adams & Son. In fact head to Hart Flyshop to see our amazing new fly display built by Jim that has now arrived in the UK, meanwhile I am here! What a small world we live in.

Having spent far too much money on kids clothes and of course one or two tackle goodies Henry and I headed out towards the Yellowstone Valley Ranch to another typically friendly American welcome. I should elaborate but after a long couple of days I will leave that until I have managed to finally make the all important inaugural cast. This will not be on the Yellowstone as it is completely blown by snow melt, but this doesn't bother me in the slightest ... there are spring creek options waiting!

So tell me am I in heaven or Montana right now? Another beer and a gaze across the incredible landscape before me (and just outside my room!) should help me decide. I will not be able to post images while out here but check Henrys blog here to see what we are up to. Its all "work" of course!

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