Monday, 2 June 2008

A Salmon is Landed

After a late one in the office I was determined to get out on the Exe this morning for as flick. The water condition looked great last night and as I walked along the river in the early hours today I thought it looked even better. Surely there had to be a chance!

Fishing with a Rio tips line and a Cascade I made my way through 3 pools without so much as a sniff. I live for my fishing but there are times when chasing Salmon that you wonder if it is ever going to happen! But the water just looked so good. Work ... or do another pool? Easy choice really.

Stepping into a pool that I have always fancied on the Carnarvon Water, Otter Ledges, I swapped over to a Conehead. We have done so well over the years with the Coneheads and immediately that I had completed the knot I felt a wave of confidence. Carefully fishing the pool everything looked good and then the line went tight. A small escapee Rainbow had taken hold. It was enough to quicken the pulse but of course I was disappointed.

Having unhooked the fish I was sorting my tackle ready for another cast when in the corner of my eye I saw a splash, right under a tree that provides shelter to a very sexy looking pool. I didn't need anytime to think about it, there was a Salmon there alright and all I needed to do was put the fly over it!

A few casts in I had a strong pull as the fly crossed the pool, swinging beautifully in the current. Next cast I felt a couple of plucks and then that moment every Salmon angler yearns for; the line became heavy, the rod tip throbbed and then 10 minutes of high octane action took place. Despite being a little coloured and beaten from its journey this cock salmon measuring 28.5" (weight around 9lb) was out of the water, charging down the run and making me earn my keep! In under branches, almost around a tree root and swearing! I always swear when I hook a Salmon!!!

But my luck was in and after the plucking at the fly I assumed that this fish was well hooked. I need not of worried, it had in fact engulfed it! Some quick photos and a few scale samples followed before I released the fish. Watching one of these awesome fish glide back to its home after such an adrenalin rush is hard to beat.

My thanks to Neil who let me fish his rod for the morning. He has been towed off to a garden centre today, I wonder what he would have rather been doing!!!

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