Sunday, 8 June 2008

Take 2 Trout

Kim and Caroline are a fishing crazy couple from Taunton. They first visited us on the opening day of Hart Flyshop on 27th May 2006 and since then have been regulars at the fishery. Kim has always yearned to have a go at River Fly Fishing and so for Christmas Caroline purchased him a gift voucher for a guided day.

Sadly the first day came and went as the water was up along with the wind which was blowing bitterly cold. It is always frustrating to postpone things but are we glad we did or what! Today was stunning, big blue sky and sunshine. The wind was still with us and caused problems at times by blowing down stream but Kim was soon in the groove. Once the water had warmed and the hatch had got going fish started popping ... it was only a matter of time.

But they were hard, ignoring lots of patterns and feeding sporadically. But the double act stuck at it and their reward was to catch perfect Wild Browns such as these seen here. Are there many more beautiful fish? Again the Parachute Flies did the trick fished on long, fine leaders.

This week will be hectic as tomorrow I head to Newport to collect a new passport. How crazy is the world! I have until September to run on my current passport but need to have 6 months validity for it to be valid! So why are passports not valid for just 9 1/2 years? Beats me. Anyway I am not complaining, to sample fishing like this is well worth a trip to Newport and anyway I haven't had a good long journey in the Corrado for a while. Sitting around for 4 hours awaiting my travel documents will see me busy organising the new Hart Flyshop / Exe Valley Fishery club which I will detail on the blog and various web sites soon. If you would like an application form, drop me a line.

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