Friday, 8 August 2008

Aqua Tractor Goes to Work

My last post was all about the clean up operation underway here at Exe Valley Fishery. This involved an amazing machine hired out to us by Kingcombe Aquacare known as an Aqua Tractor. This odd looking craft worth in excess of £60,000 cruised the lakes for a couple of days cutting out the weed at lake bed level and then conveying it on board.

This first video shows the boat working the lake and collecting the weed. Just look at that slick of algae behind the boat and the flattening on the opposite edge is more weed, now, all gone! I have had problems uploading the 2nd video but will attempt to do so in the following post.

The results are fantastic as can be seen from this picture of Exe Valley yesterday. Thousands of Corixa are now charging around the lake and the Trout are making the best of them. The feeder stream is also flowing very well now the weed has been cut back providing highly oxygenated water that bodes very well for the coming weeks including our open day on Saturday 30th August 2008. Our next step is to clear the edges and install new platforms. Most important of all we are also about to introduce a total ban on all dogs to ensure our banks are free from those nasty deposits that none of us likes to encounter!

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